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Are you hosting an event in Southeastern Michigan and need an exciting comical clown? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Dynamo, "Metro Detroit's Master Clown" has been providing electrifying entertainment for all audiences - young and old alike - throughout Southeastern Michigan for many years.

When Dynamo was just 12 years old, he started doing magic tricks after getting his first magic set. It wasn’t long before Dynamo began performing for live audiences in Michigan. Now everyone’s talking about Dynamo. Everywhere he goes, Dynamo finds a way to bring a smile to peoples’ faces. Whether it’s family, friends, or people he’s never met before, Dynamo always loves to perform his magic tricks in front of a live audience. He can be seen in homes, school gymnasiums, and backyards. He always brings an inspirational message to the audiences he entertains.

Entertainment Specialist Dynamo enchants children at all
types of parties, events, and venues.

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Michigan Master Clown, Dynamo, has the ability to combine comedy with magic to put a sparkle in the children’s eyes as they watch his amazing act. He also has a way of interacting with the children so they understand what he is trying to express – he is truly a kid specialist Clown.

If you are specifically looking for a sing- a-long character for an adult venue, Dynamo can provide the magical entertainment you desire as well. "The Michigan Master Clown" combines stand-up along with walk-around illusions to keep you guessing - this show is geared specifically for a mature audience.

No matter the occasion – business meeting or commercial activity, Dynamo custom designs his performances to meet your needs. Dynamo wants you to enjoy his show and forget about whatever is on your mind. Your event is honored by Dynamo’s 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee – he knows you will be mystified.